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brain Technologies is a young and dynamic Italian company operating in the mechatronics sector

Mechatronics is a science born from the interaction of three disciplines: mechanics, electronics and IT.
In order to meet the boost in requests from increasingly demanding clients, the company has developed more and more complex systems by merging the engineers’ experiences and competences in an organized and integrated design process. Some of the targets within reach of the mechatronic systems comprise: increase in performance and safety, reduction in pollution, improvement in comfort, rationalization of costs.
brain Technologies is a safe and constant point of reference throughout all phases of the development of a process: collaboration with highly qualified engineers who operate in different sectors (ranging from research&development to engineering, and from quality to production) as well as flexibility in the application of know-how acquired in different technological contests, enable this company to reach ambitious goals, perfectly in line with the market demands.

As further confirmation of the company’s high level of competence and care provided to every single client, brain Technologies offers the “Turnkey Package”, aimed at designing and implementing customized and optimized solutions according to the project specifications.

Owing to its technical skills, shared motivation and initiative, to its particular care given to each project as well as to its proven quality in deliveries, brain Techologies is a forward-looking company.





The brain Technologies’ hardware design team deals with electronic boards installed on board automobiles, aircrafts, trains, Telecommunication systems, robotics and appliances.

Brain Technologies’ electronic, computer and mechatronic engineers in charge of SW are divided in two teams: embedded and general purpose.

The company holds competence and experience in developing and designing complex mechanical systems, such as components and systems used in the railway and aerospace fields.

RAMS is an engineering discipline bearing ties and dependencies with all technical disciplines (systems, electrics, meccanics, thermal, software, human factors).

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11 Luglio 2019 - brain Technologies will run the Costadoro Contest during the race Va Lentino 2019

On 11 July, Brain Technologies Team will run the Va Lentino 2019, a 7 km competitive running race in the Valentino park.

brain Technologies has always been convinced that sportsmanship, "clean" competition and the "team" are the keys to success in business life as well as in the personal life of each of us.

For this reason, a big number of brain Tech employes will attend the event to spend an evening of wellness and conviviality, immersed in the fantastic natural setting of the greenest park in our city.

Brain Technologies technological partner of B.SENSE project

B.SENSE aims to promote sustainable mobility and encourage the active participation of citizens in the control and improvement of the environment.                       
The project identifies in mobile technologies the successful tools to achieve these objectives, with the creation a shared map of urban cycle mobility and air quality monitoring system. 

This requires to create new portable sensors, cloud computing and web, integrated in a social network open platform, based on citizen participation and integration of open data, where is possible to implement services for public and private stakeholders, also integrating further public open platforms.

The project develops onto two axes.

The first aims is to track the urban paths of cyclists with two purposes: 
-collect data and analyze them in order to support the activities of public urban design and planning of infrastructure for bicycle mobility;
-create a platform to promote and support sustainable mobility through the creation of a social network and services connected to it.

The second concerns the monitoring of the air quality through the use of mobile sensors, with two key objectives:
-provide information to the public and encourage the active participation of citizens in environmental issues;
-enhance the action of public authorities by providing additional data for environmental analysis and the definition of  strategies to fight air pollution and safeguarding the health of citizens.

Brain Technologies is working on the design of portable sensors to be mounted on cycles.

For more info please look at: 

March 2017 - brain Technologies gets ISO 9001:2015 certification

From March 2017, brain Technologies Srl is certified ISO 9001:2015 by DNV-GL.

brain Technologies is therefore now a company with a System for Quality Management that meets the requirements of UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

This certificate is valid for the following spplications:

"Design and prototyping of complex mechatronic systems and engineering services"

EA Sector: 19-34

IFEVS e-car and Brain Technologies at Parco Valentino Car Show

Cars become protagonists again in this innovative Salone: free entrance and long-hours schedule (10 a.m. – midnight) with cars displayed on minimalist and elegant platforms as they were artworks.

25 car Companies’ new pieces were admired at the open air among the boulevards of Parco del Valentino, in a scenic exhibition which wanted to bring cars back among the people, relighting the passion for the world of engines.

Technology and innovation were also protagonists here with Micro EVs, the electric car born from the collaboration among several companies of the automotive industry in Piedmont, aimed to express their competences in favor also of environmental protection and health of its customers.

It is an electric car of the latest generation, practical and compact, it weighs less than 600 Kg after installation of the battery pack and is able to reach speeds over 100 Km / h. It is the first vehicle to have a power unit with two motors, one per axle and only two doors on one side of the car, to ensure a high level of safety. The use of two motors, combined with intelligent energy management, guarantees greater efficiency of the vehicle, since the two motors can operate separately and at maximum performance in all driving conditions.

Like most of electric vehicles the Micro EVs can be recharged directly from the power grid, but in addition is installed a flexible photovoltaic panel made with cells SunPowerTM of monocrystalline silicon, the most efficient on the market, which reach a record conversion 23% of sunlight into electricity and provide a nice sense of aesthetics, thanks to back-contact that relegates all the electrical contacts on the back of the cell.

Brain Technologies participated in the project dealing with the development of the BMS system and all the logics and controls related to it.


Sept 2018 - brain Technologies changes operational center

At beginning of september 2018 brain Technologies changes its operational center!!

After 10 years of activity nearby Politecnico di Torino, as planned, brain Technologies widens its operational center of Turin. The new center will allow the development of new innovative projects on Industry 4.0 and Smart Devices and it will have a dedicated lab to deployment of BAT-MAN project.

New center is situated in Corso Tazzoli 215/12B 10137 Torino.

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